Monday, September 14, 2009

I swear.

...that by "coming soon" I meant sometime this year!

I have dozens [literally] of recipes to post, but I just can't seem to find the time to get to them all. I can't seem to get into the new "back-to-school" groove.

And, seriously. Having 2 boys in soccer, and 2 games a week [each!], is way overrated.

But, I swear, I'm going to get it together. [Probably not tonight, because I have a haircut. If that doesn't sound exciting to you, it's probably because you are a] a male b]you take your kids with you. But to me, it means an HOUR of blissful ALONE time where I get to chat with my sister [who just happs to do my hair]! I don't have to change diapers, nurse, wash laundry, put laundry away, do dishes, iron clothes, brush teeth, help w/ homework ALL for ONE FULL HOUR.]

It most likely won't be Tuesday either, because that's a preschool and soccer day. Maybe Wednesday? Lucky you!

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