Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Food...of the felt kind.

This is the kind of "cooking" I've been doing lately.

I'm making up a shload of felt food for Zoe for Christmas!  I still have plans to make a bit more, but don't know if I'll have it all done in time for Christmas.  I'm going to do a few more donuts, some cupcakes, some farfalle pasta, ice cream sandwiches...

It's been pretty easy, but does have a slight learning curve.  I made all of these patterns myself.  I'm using regular crafters felt---wishing I could be using nice wool felt, but it's a lot more expensive.

I'm also limited in my colors!  I don't love the color of the bacon, but it's all I had and all I could find...I wanted a brighter pink for the donut frosting, but oh well!

The bacon has pipe cleaner sewed inside of it, so it bends.  Seriously, so freakin' cute.
And I love the eggs. They turned out crazy cute...also one of the easiest, by far.

Hate the first donut [dark chocolate with pink frosting].  It took me FOREVER, and I don't like how it turned out.  Perfected it a bit with the 2nd donut [light brown with pink frosting]...but still have a few things to tweak when I make more.

The cookies were a no-brainer, took minimal time, but still kind of cute. 

Maybe after Christmas I'll be able to cook with real food again!


  1. i l-o-v-e LOVE these! seriously. etsy shop, please. i'll buy them.

  2. Jess--I will totally make some for you! Let me know what you want, I'd be happy to do it!! [After Christmas, otherwise I'll have a nervous breakdown!]

  3. ok, stop. You can't be a fabulous cook and crafty, it's just not fair! Those are too adorable! I was going to crochet some food for Greta, but time got away from me. Maybe next year!

  4. So fun! I saw some like these at Pottery Barn kids but these look great!