Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Who has time to cook?

...when you have this waiting for you on your nightstand?

This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald
[One of my faves, almost always on my nightstand, or in my purse.]

The Awakening by Kate Chopin
[Another fave.  This is a well-worn, well loved, copy.  I wrote a lot of papers on this in college.]

Open House by Elizabeth Berg
[Haven't read this yet.]

Light on Snow by Anita Shreve
[Read this once a year ago, but I liked it.  So it's back on the list.]

Stolen Innocence by Elissa Wall
[Just finished this.  Gave me the creeps.  FLDS people and LDS people are definitely nowhere near the same.  Just want to clarify that!]

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
[Was just talking to my sister-in-law about this book.  Another classic that is always in or on my nightstand.]

The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
[Shockingly haven't read this yet!  I've been in line for it at the library, but my mother-in-law had a copy, so I snaked hers.  I will probably start this next.  Or 2nd to next.]

American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld
[My mother-in-law let me borrow this one.  She said it's loosely based on Mrs. George W.  Aside from that, she said it's a good book.  Ha.]

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
[Can't wait to read this.]

The Pact by Jodi Picoult
[Lovin' Jodi Picoult.  Recently read Handle With Care, and of course My Sisters Keepers.  Hopefully this will be good as well.]

[journal/notebook on bottom]

I think I love to read even more than I love to cook. 
It's a wonder I didn't get beat up more.

...What's on your nightstand?


  1. Thanks for the new booklist! So many that I haven't read...I can't wait to read one or two of them. I love reading too...totally nerdy!

  2. I love to read jodi picoult too. Maybe I will head to the library and pick one out.

  3. I need to do some reading again. It's that time I feel!

  4. The pact is really good. My nightstand- Little Women, John and Abigail Adams, and the Last Song. Too much to read and no time!