Thursday, October 21, 2010

Silhouette Pictures.

Okay, I get that this isn't a recipe. 

Get over it.

This is my creative outlet.  Mostly about cooking, but man, I'm an onion with layers.  I have my hands in so many pots, it isn't even funny.

Remember the old school silhouette pictures?  They remind me of Disneyland, mostly because there is [was?] a place on Main Street that did them. 
I love them!  I think they have kind of a vintage-y charm that can't be duplicated. 

I have wanted some of these FOREVER.  Seriously, ask my husband. I'm really annoying about things when I want to be.  The problem was: THEY HAD TO BE IN OVAL FRAMES!  [Just my opinion, but I think the oval frames are what make them look so vintagey and super wicked cool.]

I have been on the hunt for oval frames forever.  Even scouring thrift stores.  They didn't have to match, I didn't care if they were puke green; I can paint. 

For MONTHS I looked for oval frames, and found NOTHING.

Then, like the mother ship calling me home, they just opened a Hobby Lobby near me.  [Why, oh why must the name be so seriously stupid?  It's got to be a southern thing.  Like Piggly Wiggly.  I just feel stupid saying it.]  Now, Hobby Lobby is a whole separate post for a separate time. 

BUT, I found oval frames there: FOR CHEAP!!  $6/ea!  The best part was, I didn't have to paint them, they had various sizes, and styles!  I was able to find some that had the old school, vintagey look I was going for.   You have no idea how much this thrills me.  Clearly, I'm easy to please!

So, in about 15 minutes [+/- 17 months of searching for frames], I finally had my sihouettes!

If you need a tutorial for these, I'm happy to help, if you can't figure it out.  There are TONS of ways you could make these [including photoshop, which I don't have...I wish]! 

Aren't they awesome?


  1. They look great! While we were in Salzburg there was a street artist who was doing silhouettes and I made Ethan get one done. Now I know where to get a frame.

  2. Those are so cute. I also hate the name of Hobby Lobby. For some reason it makes me think of Holly Hobby...

  3. do you have a tutorial for this?