Wednesday, December 8, 2010

10 minute pillowcase tutorial.

Tea party pillowcase for my daughter (all fabrics are Michael Miller), Space pillowcase for one of my sons (can't remember the designer, I bought it on clearance a while ago)!

 Several years ago, my mom made my two boys pillowcases for Christmas, and then for Valentines day. They absolutely love having their own special pillowcases! It's so fun for them to pick out which one they want, and snuggle with it each night.

I'm making a tradition with this, and doing it each year.  This year, instead of doing them all the same, I picked out different fabric combos for each midget, and set to work.  The best part (aside from having something homemade) is that they only take 10 minutes (or less!) each! 

So, pick out some fabric, and add pillowcases to your to-do list. You can have fun, custom made presents for your kids, friends, nieces and me, they'll love them! (If you don't want to make them as gifts, make them for your bed with coordinating fabric!)

This is the way I made pillowcase dresses for my daughter this summer.  I just threw out the dress part, and kept the pillowcase part.  This is such a fun, easy way to make pillowcases.

Even if you think you can't sew: you can do this!  It literally takes sewing 3 straight lines--that's it!
Materials Needed
-3 coordinating fabrics
-sewing machine / thread  or serger  (I used a serger just to make the seams stronger)
-cutting mat, rotary cutter, etc.

-3/4 yard fabric (for the main part of the pillowcase body)
-1/3 yard fabric (for pillowcase cuff--I have also done this with 1/4 yard, but I like it a bit bigger, so I prefer 1/3 yard)
-about an 1/8 yard fabric (for trim)

Cut the fabrics to the following dimensions:
-MAIN BODY (3/4 yard): 27 x 42 inches
-CUFF (1/3 yard): 11 x 42 inches
-TRIM (1/8 yard): 2 x 42 inches

Now, let's get started!!

The 3 coordinating fabrics I chose. (Riley Blake--this line of fabric is SO cute!)

Cut all of your fabric according to the dimensions listed above.  This is the most time consuming part of this project!

Step 2:  Take your trim fabric (the 2 inch width piece) and fold it in half, right side out, and iron.  (My poor ironing board needs me to make it a new cover. It's been killed by steam-a-seam!)
 Step 3: Lay the CUFF fabric on your board or table RIGHT SIDE UP---you'll want it so the short side is going up & down, and the length of it (42 inches) is running the length of your table.
Step 4: Take the trim fabric and lay it ON TOP of the cuff fabric, at the top.  Make the RAW EDGES of the trim fabric line up with the RAW EDGES of the cuff fabric.  They should match up in length, because they are both 42" long.

Step 5: Take the BODY of the fabric and lay it WRONG SIDE UP (or so that RIGHT SIDES are facing) on top of the other two fabrics.  Match up the raw edges at the top.  You should have all 3 fabrics lined up at the top, with the raw edges.  Now, the body of the fabric, should cover up the whole thing, with the wrong side of that fabric facing you.

Step 6: Now take the body of the fabric, and start rolling it up.  Make sure not to include any of the other fabrics as you roll.  Roll it up until you get to the MIDDLE of the cuff fabric.

Step 7: You can see in the picture where I stopped rolling.  Now, take the cuff fabric, and fold it up to the top, OVER the roll you just created.  Line up the raw edge with the other edges at the top.  The WRONG SIDE of the cuff fabric will now be covering everything. 

Step 8: See?  Now you have a little pouch with everything rolled up inside.  Make sure the edges are all lined up at the top, and pin in place down the length (42") of the fabric. 

It should now look like this.  A big long tube all pinned up.

Step 9: Now, using your serger or sewing machine, sew along that raw edge where you pinned.  If you are sewing, don't forget to backstitch at the beginning and end to secure your seams.

Now you have a big tube, with one side all sewn together.

Step 10: Now, pull the inside OUT of the tube.  It's pretty easy, and will just come out with a few tugs.

Step 11: It should look somewhat like this.  Now iron everything, so all the seams are straight and pressed.

Step 12:  Now, just fold it together, wrong sides facing out. 

Step 13: Now sew together the side and the bottom of the pillowcase.

Now turn it right-side out, and that's it!  You are DONE! 


  1. Awesome! I love how you always state "don't forget to backstitch at the beginning and end." I can't help but feel that is directed to me in particular, given my history ;)

    But you'll be happy to know I now remember without being reminded (yay for progress!)

  2. love it, I need to do some more of these...

  3. This is soooo cute! Can't wait to make a few!

  4. Have you found that different fabrics are better for the softer more comfortable. I am assuming that you don't pre wash the fabric? Love this idea BTW!

  5. Thanks for this! The directions were really nice and clear!

  6. I finish mine with a French seam, wrong sides together first, then turn and finish the French seam with right sides together. Press. No exposed seams whatsoever.