Thursday, January 20, 2011

No waste lunch!

I absolutely LOVE to pack lunches for my kids.  For some odd reason, I enjoy thinking of new things to pack for them, and fun little additions to their lunches.  There are a million and one kid lunch blogs out there: none of which I have time to follow.  I know that "bento" is a big craze in kid lunches.  I think it's adorable, but it is a little unrealistic for me to achieve.

I found these awesome lunch containers at the end of summer, and I am SO glad that I bought them.  I think I'll need to get at least 3 more, especially since I'll be packing 2 lunches next school year!  [They are also great for on the go---I fill them with snacks, fruit, etc. for my toddler when we are at soccer games, baseball games, etc.]

It's pretty awesome to have a virtually waste free lunch!  No ziploc bags at all!  Of course, if I do need a ziploc bag, I have my own waste-free stash.

[*Please note, I purchased these by myself, I love them, therefore I am sharing them with you!]

They unfold, one side is open with a divider in the middle.  This is perfect! You can fit fruit, yogurt, cheese, fruit kabobs on this side.    The left side has no divider, but does have a little flap that covers this section.  This is so that when you close it, everything stays divided from eachother.

Here it is with the flap open.  This side is perfect to fit sandwhiches, bagels, muffins, wraps, etc. 

Here it is all closed up.  It has a little snap that secures it into place.  It's strong enough to stay closed, but easy enough for kids to open and close by themselves.

They fit perfectly inside a lunchbox (ours is from Costco, don't know the brand).  I just throw in an ice pack, the box, and a drink! 

These are called "go anywhere lunch containers".  There are many different kinds out there, but by far, this has been our favorite.  I bought mine at the, but I can't find them on their site anymore.  Google tells me that (random, right?) has them available here--for a great price!

[I will say: They do say they are dishwasher safe.  However, I wash mine by hand, just to avoid any warping of the container, so they'll close nicely.]

Anyone else have any great waste free lunch products they love??

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  1. I really, really want the planet box. Have you seen it? They are pricey so I'm still trying to decide. But I am all for waste free.