Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Finished Quilt


Here's the thing.  I cook.  A lot.  I even cook with the intentions of posting recipes on this blog.  I take pictures of the food.  Then, sometimes it just falls apart.  I forget, I don't have time, I wonder why I'm even posting recipes here...

I have been sewing a lot lately.  I always do, but lately I've been sewing a lot more.  Quilts, clothing, household schtuff. 

I feel like if I can post a variety of stuff, I will probably be more diligent to post different things, rather than just food.

If I post that kind of stuff, tutorials, projects I'm working on, fabric choices, finished projects, is that going to annoy you?  I know this is technically a "cooking blog.

Mostly I ask this, because check it out:

I finally finished Zoe's quilt!  Well, to be honest, I "finished" it months ago.  It has been sitting, waiting for the binding, and waiting for Zoe to move into her "big girl bed".  I finished the binding [my mom is an amazing quilter and taught me the best way ever to do binding], and Zoe moved into her bed.

And I love it.  The colors are awesome.  It turned out just how I wanted it to.  [The bottom isn't pink minky, that is just the back of Zoe's snuggly blanket her Grammy made her folded at the end of her bed.]

Pattern used: Skipping Squares from Cluck Cluck Sew [blog] [The circle pillow is also a tutorial from her blog!]
Fabric used: a mishmash of stuff I have been collecting forever!  Amy Butler, Free Spirit, Riley Blake....

So, thoughts?  Are we anti-sewing? 


  1. show the sewing! i love it. her bed is so cute.

  2. You are so talented, you MUST show the sewing :) Zoe's quilt turned out really great!

  3. we are definitely not anti-sewing ;) Looks great, I love it!

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